In the beginning of June, as the temperatures started to soar and the long summer days began to take hold, our winery and cellar were graced with the presence of Mr. Kenichi Ohashi, a Master of Wine. We were delighted to host him for a small workshop, where we showcased wines from various producers around the Šibenik region (and some from southern parts of Dalmatia).

During the barrel sampling, we were fortunate to be joined by Branimir Vukšić, the head sommelier from Pelegrini, and engaged in a stimulating discussion about the intricacies of the Šibenik region and Dalmatia overall. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Branimir added a new dimension to the proceedings, and his insights were greatly appreciated.

The tasting took place in our comfortable tasting room, where we had the pleasure of sampling a range of wines. We started with the fresh vintage of Debit and Maraština, which were bursting with flavor and aroma, and moved on to some lightly macerated or aged local blends. The star of the reds was undoubtedly the Babić, which we sampled from both the 2016 and more recent vintages. Its rich and complex flavor profile left a lasting impression on all who tasted it.

Overall, it was a wonderful event, and we were thrilled to have such esteemed guests as Mr. Kenichi Ohashi and Branimir Vukšić join us. We look forward to welcoming them back in the future and to continuing to share our passion for the wines of the Šibenik region with wine lovers everywhere.

Event was organized by Vina Dalmacije, our regional wine consorcium.

The Institute of Masters of Wine is the home of exceptional expertise in the wine world. What started 70 years ago as an exam for the UK wine trade is now a globally recognised title collectively held by a worldwide family of Masters of Wine. Today, there are 416 MWs based in 31 countries, each making their own contribution to the world of wine. 

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