Vinart Grand Tasting

As the weather begins to warm up and flowers start to bloom, wine enthusiasts everywhere gear up for the springtime wine festivals. These festivals offer a great opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines, learn about different grape varieties and winemaking techniques, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of wine country. We’ll explore some of the top wine festivals that take place in the spring and we at BARAKA are attending. We can’t wait to showcase you our new vintages as well as our Riserva lines in one of best regional festivals this spring

  1. Vinart Grand Tasting, Lauba Zagreb

03-04. March 2023, Vinart Grand Tasting is one of the most popular wine festivals in Croatia and brings together the most widely recognized practices from the world of wine festivals, and it is, at the same time, innovative. Fully devoted to quality, it is an invitation-only type of festival where years of our meticulous work and exploration went into picking what organizers believe to be front runners of all styles and price ranges that can be found in the Croatian market, and inviting them to exhibit their wine.

  1. Kenova portfolio tasting, Hotel Palace, Dubrovnik

Portfolio tasting by our distributor and friends from Dubrovnik. Event is invitation only and focused on hospitality and gastronomy industry, showcasing portfolio of small number of high quality wineries from across Croatia.

  1. Vina Dalmacije, Hotel Le Méridien Lav Split

10-11. March 2023, Vino Dalmacije is organised by our regional wine association in Dalmatia, this year we are in beatiful setting of hotel Le Méridien Lav Split and you will have a chance to taste wines from around 50 of the best wineries in Dalmatia. Visitors can attend tastings and workshops featuring native varieties and small sub-regions, wine and cheese pairings, and most of the wineries, including us, will showcase new vintages.

  1. Zadar Wine Festival

24-25. March 2023, Višnjik, ZWF is one of the largest wine festivals in Dalmacija and takes place in the beautiful city of Zadar, Croatia. The festival features over 700 wines from and around Croatia, showcasing a wide variety of wines and styles. Visitors can attend tastings, seminars, and cooking demonstrations, as well as explore the city’s historic center. ZWF typically takes place end of March.

  1. Grand Tasting – Belgrade, Serbia

Grand Tasting is one of the most popular wine festivals in the region. The festival takes place in Metropol hotel, and features 50 exhibitors showcasing wines from the region. All exibitors are selected and invitation-only. Visitors can attend tastings, best aged wines and vintages from the wineries, and enjoy great music and food. The tasting takes place on 22nd April 2023.

6. Open cellar

To be announced, but this spring, we will also open our doors for visitors in a regional wine tasting event followed by a festival of Debit wine and Mussels.

In conclusion, springtime wine festivals offer a great opportunity for wine lovers to explore new wines, learn about different grape varieties and winemaking techniques, and enjoy beautiful scenery. So grab a glass of your favorite wine and cheers to spring!

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