Baraka Winery is a family-owned boutique winery located on the Srima peninsula near Šibenik and Vodice. Srima peninsula with more than 500km of drywall, a true testimony to hard work and history of the place, is surrounded by the estuary of river Krka, the Adriatic Sea, and beautiful St. Anthony Channel, producing an interesting micro-location and terroir for our vineyard.

The Family

Roots of our connection to winemaking start in the late eighties when we gained first exposure to winemaking using grapes from our friend’s vineyards and making wine at our small home cellar. Originally our wine was made and shared with friends, enjoyed with family on special occasions, gatherings and reunions…

We still hold of that ethos and when you choose our wines you become our friend and part of the family.



Vineyards have been planted in 2005 with international and local grapes, in total about 11500 vines on an estate of 4 hectares. Vines are dry farmed and we do believe in smart, eco-friendly and sustainable viticulture and as a testimony to our beliefs, we don’t allow the use of any herbicides on our soil.

We also have an olive groove with 360 olives and various Mediterranean plants around our vineyard forming a small ecosystem promoting diversity in beneficial plants, insects and other wildlife.

In the long run, creating a sustainable farming culture is the only possible way forward for us. Filip Baraka
Vina Baraka

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