Year of winery establishment

Our founder, late Gordan Baraka established the vineyard on a small peninsula near Šibenik in between of century-old drywalls and an early Christian basilica


Celebrating the first harvest

We produced only about600 liters of our first wine for this vintage, in retrospective very small but it was the start of our production.


Prisbus wine is born

Our first commercial vintage dates from 2010, we named it Prisbus, a romantic nod to the nearby basilica and historical name of the vineyard place. Prisbus is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes only from our first vineyard.


New cellar

We finally moved the whole production to a new cellar also build on our Estate in the traditional architectural style of Dalmatia. Blending traditional and modern with capacity for years to come.


Barrique cellar finished

Our 20 meters long underground cellar for aging wine in barrique barrels is finally finished and all our premium reds are transferred by gravity to new barrels.


First glasses filled in our Tasting Room

We opened our wine tasting room in the heart of season 2018. Oriented for smaller groups and friends we also have the option to accommodate larger groups on request.


The family message

Dalmatia was always a place of magical people, places, and nature with rich history and heritage. We started our journey in winemaking as a way to connect to those things and pay respect to our roots. Through our wines, you can also be a part of that journey. Join us.