Attention to Detail

At our winery, we believe that every little detail counts when it comes to winemaking. We don’t follow a standard script every year; instead, we envision how our wines will taste while they’re still on the vine and do our best to fulfill that vision throughout the entire winemaking process, from fermentation to cellar élevage.

Our obsession with quality is evident at every stage of crafting the wine, from the initial sampling of grapes in the vineyard to the final bottling and labeling. We’re committed to producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of our region and showcase the best qualities of each grape varietal. To achieve this, we utilize a combination of traditional winemaking techniques and modern technologies, allowing us to craft wines that are both authentic and innovative. We take great pride in every bottle we produce and hope that our passion and dedication shine through with every sip.

Made with love

At BARAKA, we’re deeply committed to producing wines of the highest quality, from sustainable viticulture practices to the final bottle on your table. We approach everything we do with care and love, and we’re proud to say that almost everything we do in our vineyard is handcrafted. We take the same approach in our cellar, ensuring that every bottle of wine we produce is crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

We love to explore new techniques to create unique and memorable wines. We don’t believe in following a strict formula year after year; instead, we’re always tweaking and changing our winemaking process to bring out the best in each grape varietal and vintage. During fermentation, we use a variety of techniques, including cold soak, extended maceration time, and hand punch downs in open vats. We also like to incorporate unique elements, such as leaving petals with Mediterranean grapes and some autochthonous varieties, or using concrete egg shaped tanks for aging our premium whites. The result is a collection of wines that are truly distinct and reflective of the unique terroir of our region.

We take great pride in every bottle of wine we produce, and we’re excited to share our passion and commitment to quality with you. With every sip, we hope you taste the care and dedication that goes into every step of the winemaking process.

The Cellar

Careful attention to the details. Dedicated to perfection of the expression.

Winemaker & Owner

Filip Baraka

Our team knows the land and the fruit. No fruit is picked until we taste it and during fermentation, each tank and barrel lot is tasted at least once per day.



Our underlying philosophy for our wines is to produce the perfect expression of  our Dalmatian terroir year over year. This is why our wines stand apart.



Our premium Reds will be at least three years in the cellar before they are released with a minimum of 12-24 months in the barrel and a different regime of new oak.

The Approach

Respecting the nature and winemaking tradition of Dalmatia, with a fresh dose of playfulness and curiosity in the cellar.